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Gett - NYC Black Car App

Gett - NYC Black Car App

Get Taxi - GetTaxi – taxi cab app

Reviews: 58371 | Score: 4 | Price: Free

Say goodbye to hailing taxi cabs on the street and request a black car with just a few taps - Here’s how:

• Open the app and choose your preferred car class: Gett Together, Standard, Deal, Premium or SUV

• Drag the icon at your pickup location and type in your destination.

• Order your car and start riding! You’ll never need to call a cab again!

All-New Gett Together - Commute to work with Gett’s new ride sharing service!

All-New Gett Together is our brand new ride sharing SUV service. Upgrade your daily commute with shared SUV rides just for work. This new car service aims to fill the gaps of public transportation along the East and West Sides and offers New Yorkers a more convenient and comfortable alternative to the subway. Our premium SUVs comfortably seat up to 4 passengers and you can be picked up and dropped off anywhere along pre-set lines during morning and evening commuting hours: Weekdays, 7-10 AM and 5-8 PM. Try it today and commute for just $3 flat.

Gett – Our Drivers’ Community

Gett’s drivers are expected to hold high service, safety and reliability standards. Unlike your local taxi service, the drivers are constantly rated by our community of users; this promises constant improvement of our car service and overall transportation experience. Gett's car service app tells you exactly how long your black car will take to arrive and shows your driver’s details.

Gett is available in 80 cities including NYC, London, Moscow, and Tel Aviv.

Say goodbye to hailing taxi cabs on the street or wasting time calling taxi numbers and say hello to Gett’s NYC black car app.

Have a question? Call our live Customer Care 24/7 and we are here to answer any question you have.

Gett is also featured in AppStore

Forget other taxi apps and join the millions who’ve chosen Gett’s car service and ride happy!

路上でタクシーを出身にさよならを言うと、数回タップするだけで黒い車を要求 - 方法は次のとおりです。





新型ゲット一緒に! - ゲットの新しい乗り共有サービスで動作するように通勤する



をゲット - 私たちのドライバーズコミュニティを






他のタクシーのアプリを忘れて、ゲットのカーサービスを選択した数百万人に参加して、幸せに乗ります! を