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Fronius Solar.web pro

Fronius Solar.web pro

Fronius International GmbH

Reviews: 193 | Score: 3 | Price: €2.00

With the Fronius Solar.web PRO app you get a professional, comprehensive overview on the data of your PV system(s) with Fronius inverter(s).

Features of the PRO version:

- Watch the current values and the complete archive data of your PV systems

- Keep the overview by visualization of several systems at a glance

- Compare your systems with each other

- Show pictures of your PV systems to your friends

- Locate your systems on the map

- Get extended information about the PV systems

- Intuitive, easy-to-use interface

To use the app for viewing your own PV system data, your system has to be registered at the online portal Fronius Solar.web (within the setup wizard of the app or on After installing the app on your device, you can constantly keep an eye on the current energy yield, CO2 savings, earnings and the archive data of your PV system.

The demo mode provides you with a sneak peek at what the app can do.



- 关注您的光伏系统的当前值和完整的归档数据

- 一目了然保持概述了几个系统的可视化

- 比较你的系统彼此

- 显示图片的光伏系统给你的朋友

- 找到你的系统在地图上

- 获取有关光伏系统扩展信息

- 直观的,易于使用的界面

要使用该应用程序查看自己的光伏系统的数据,你的系统必须在门户网站的Fronius Solar.web登记(应用程序的安装向导中或。在设备上安装应用程序后,可以不断地留意目前的发电量,减少二氧化碳排放,收入和光伏系统的归档数据。