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Free Fall - Ninja Escape

Free Fall - Ninja Escape

Teensy Studios

Reviews: 136 | Score: 3 | Price: Free

Free Fall is a fast-paced runner that moves more vertically than we’re used to see. Sprint up a series of never-ending walls in a way that defies gravity. These aren't any ordinary walls as they contain all sorts of hazards and enemies.


This game features some stunning graphics, rich gameplay and action that add to the game’s appeal. In this fast paced ninja climbing game, your goal is to rise as high as you can to score more and more. With a simple tap you can jump from one wall to the other and avoid obstacles otherwise the game is over for you.


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Teensy Studios - Bringing fun to your Android Wear watch! We are an indie game studio, with a tight, innovative and creative team of developers and designers. We are here to revolutionize the social gaming experience of game players by embedding features in our games that make them easy to play in bitesize chunks, but socially!




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Teensy工作室 - 带来乐趣,你的Andr​​oid Wear手表!我们是一个独立的游戏工作室,有一紧,创新和创意的开发人员和设计团队。我们在这里通过嵌入在我们的游戏功能,使它们很容易发挥bitesize块,但对社会带来革命性的游戏玩家的社交游戏体验!