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FWF Watch face Honest

FWF Watch face Honest


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Watch face for business. Stylish & Elegant. Watch face compatible with all Android Wear watches.

Honest Watch face Features

- Watchface for Android Wear watches

- Battery level

- Ambient mode

- Support both round and square displays

- 24-hour time format

- Day of the week

- Day of the month

- Display seconds

How to use Honest Watch face for Android Wear

1. Once you install the app, the Honest watchface will be automatically transferred to your watch. (may take a few minutes)

2. From watch: Long press your watchface and select the one that you have installed.

From mobile: Run the "Android Wear" app and tap "More" button in the watchface section

3. Enjoy your new Honest watchface!

Watch face features - COMPLETE guide

- Watch face compatible with all Android Wear Watches:

* LG G Watch R,

* LG G Watch,

* LG Urban,

* LG Urban 2nd,

* Motorola Moto 360,

* Motorola Moto 360 2nd,

* Sony SmartWatch 3,

* Samsung Gear Live,

* Huawei Watch,

* Asus ZenWatch,


- Battery level icon on watch face display allows you to monitor the battery charge level of smartwatch.

- You can choose different display format in Ambient mode of watch face:

* Full watch face

* Simple Digital

* Simple Analog

- Watch face for round and square display format.

- You can choose time format in watchface settings (24-hour, 12-hour, without leading zeros).

- Display seconds .

If you have any issues or questions about Honest Android Wear watch face or would like to ask about coming soon watch faces fill free to contact us by email or write reviews.

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- Also please let us know if you like to have any other watchfaces to be added to our selection.

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表盘业务。时尚与优雅。表盘与所有Android Wear手表兼容。


- 表盘为Android Wear手表

- 电池级

- 环境模式

- 支持圆形和方形显示器

- 24小时时间格式

- 一周中的天

- 本月日

- 显示秒

如何使用Android Wear诚实面对表

1.当您安装应用程序时,诚实的表盘会自动传输到您的手表。 (可能需要几分钟)


从手机:运行“Android Wear”的应用程序,并在表盘区域点击“更多”按钮


看脸特征 - 完全指南

- 表盘与所有Android Wear手表兼容:

* LG G表R,

* LG G手表,

* LG城市,

* LG城市2,


*摩托罗拉摩托360 2,

*索尼的SmartWatch 3,



*系统的Asus ZenWatch,


- 表盘显示电池电量图标,使您可以监视智能手表的电池电量。

- 您可以选择在表盘的环境模式不同的显示格式:




- 观看脸圆形和方形的显示格式。

- 您可以选择在表盘设置时间格式(24小时,12小时,没有前导零)。

- 显示秒。

如果您有关于诚信Android Wear手表表面的任何问题或想请教一下即将推出手表表面填充通过电子邮件与我们联系,或撰写评论。

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- 也请让我们知道,如果你想有任何其他watchfaces被添加到我们的选择。