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Battery Genie

Battery Genie

Great Bytes Software

Reviews: 161 | Score: 3 | Price: Free

Keep an eye on your devices' battery level and automatically get alerts when it's time to recharge.

Grabbing your phone or tablet when you're leaving the house, only to realize that the battery is almost at zero can be a real bummer. Have Battery Genie alert you on your PC or Mac when your device's battery level is getting low to avoid being stranded with a dead battery.

After installing the app on your devices, head over to the Chrome Webstore on your PC or Mac to download the corresponding Chrome extension ( ). That's it! From now, any time you want to check on the current battery level of a device, simply click on the icon in your Chrome toolbar.

For each device, you can set at which level the app should alert you of a low battery via a Chrome desktop notification. You can also configure alerts on the devices themselves (say, to get alerted on your phone when your tablet is about to run dry).


- Keep track of the battery level of all your devices from the comfort of your desktop browser

- Get reminders to charge your device ahead of time, not when it's already down to 1%

- Configure alerts and see the battery levels on any of your devices


1. Download the app on all your Android devices

2. On each device, open the app and follow the short connection process

2. Download the Chrome extension from


Does my phone need to be on the same WiFi network as my PC/Mac?

Nope, not at all. Syncing the battery levels of all your devices works automagically over the Internet.

How's the battery usage of the app? Does it eat more battery than it saves?

The app only updates the device's battery status if it actually changed by at least 5%, which ensures that it has close to zero impact on your device's battery. In fact, it might even save you some battery, as you don't have to turn on your screen to check if it's time to recharge.

Do I need to create yet another account to be able to use the app?

No, the app relies on your existing Google Account to manage the syncing of devices.

Does the app support Android Wear devices?

Yes, support for smartwatches is baked into the app!

Try the app for free for 14 days on as many devices as you own. Afterwards, upgrade to the full version for a one-time charge of $0.99. The app does not currently work with Google Apps for Business accounts.






- 从桌面浏览器的舒适跟踪您所有的设备的电池水平的

- 获取提醒时间到您的设备提前进行充电,而不是当它已经下降到1%

- 配置警报和看到任何设备的电池水平






请问我的手机必须是相同的WiFi网络,在我的电脑/ Mac上?