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Aeris Wear Weather

Aeris Wear Weather


Reviews: 805 | Score: 4 | Price: Free

Weather and Radar, just a glimpse away.

Aeris Wear brings weather and radar to your wrist:

- Instant access to current weather conditions, short-term and extended forecasts makes it easy to plan for this afternoon, tomorrow, or the weekend.

- Rain or snow boots? Be prepared with local and regional radar.

- Immediate severe weather advisories and alerts for your location sent straight to your device.

- Automatic weather and radar updates, right on the wear device!

Radar & Advisories are for the US only and satellite available globally. Be on the look out for new global layers and card options coming soon!

Upgrade to Pro!

Personalize your weather content with the Aeris Wear Pro upgrade! You'll have access to all 9 of our cards and the ability to customize your card order. The Pro upgrade features all cards offered in the free version plus makes satellite and advisory cards available. Upgrading can be conveniently done within Aeris Wear for only $0.99.



- 即时访问最新的天气情况,短期和长期的预测可以很容易地计划今天下午,明天,或周末。

- 雨或雪靴?与地方和区域的雷达准备。

- 即时恶劣天气警告和提醒您的位置直接发送到您的设备。

- 自动气象站和雷达更新,对磨损设备上!