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ageet Corporation

Reviews: 678 | Score: 3 | Price: Free

* 2015.1.28 Attention to AGEphone for Android users

Due to a change in Google Billing API, currently the in app purchases in our product "AGEphone for Android" will not work if you are using before version 1.5.017.

If you are using any older versions, please update to the 1.5.017 or later version. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

AGEphone brings free, feature-rich VoIP functionality to your Android device. Powered by one the most advanced and flexible SIP engines available, the softphone reliably delivers high quality calls both over WiFi and mobile networks (VoLTE).

Just add your provider data to the uncomplicated settings menu and all the advantages of modern IP telephony are but a tap away. No matter where you are, AGEphone places your incoming numbers and extensions right in your pocket! Enjoy unified communications on Android with this great VoIP client.

=== FEATURES ===

- Excellent Call Quality

- Easy switching between multiple SIP Providers

- Runs as a service in the background

- Quickdial with Portraits

- Device Address Book and Call History Integration

- Easy and Detailed Configuration Menus

- Hold Function

- Calling Rules Including Ringtone Selection, Auto-Decline, etc.

- VAD (Voice Activity Detection)

- Network Traversal via STUN

- DTMF (RFC2833, Inband and SIP INFO)

- UDP/TCP Transport

- Codecs: G.711 (pcmu/pcma), GSM, G722, iLBC, SPEEX, SILK


- Platform: Android smartphones and tablets

- System: Android 2.3 and higher

- Connection: 128 kbps in both directions recommended for G.711

Please note that AGEphone is not a service and you need a suitable SIP service provider in order to place and receive calls.

=== SUPPORT ===

In case you have an issue with AGEphone or would like to suggest a new feature, please contact us via one of the methods listed at instead of or in addition to using the review function.


- VoIP over your mobile network might be blocked or incur additional charges. Please contact your mobile provider for clarification.

* 2015年1月28日注意AGEphone为Android用户






- 优秀的通话质量

- 多个SIP提供商之间轻松切换

- 运行在后台服务

- 与肖像Quickdial

- 设备地址簿和通话记录集成

- 简单和详细配置菜单

- 保持功能

- 调用规则包括铃声选择,自动下降,等等。

- VAD(语音活动检测)

- 网络通过STUN穿越


- UDP / TCP传输

- 编解码器:G.711(PCMU / PCMA),GSM,G722,iLBC的,SPEEX,SILK


- 平台:Android智能手机和平板电脑

- 操作系统:Android 2.3及更高

- 连接:128 kbps的两个方向建议G.711





- 网络电话在您的移动网络可能被堵塞或产生额外费用。请联系您的移动服务提供商澄清。