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Weather Time for Wear

Weather Time for Wear

Anderson Solutions Inc.

Reviews: 2940 | Score: 4 | Price: Free

**Marshmallow Users**: To get watch face to install to watch, open the Weather Time app on your watch and accept all permissions. Also make sure all permission are accepted in the phone app (Settings->Apps->Weather Time->Permissions)

A watch face app for your android wear smart watch that beautifully and simply displays current weather conditions along with the time and date.

Supported Smart Watches

✔ Motorola Moto 360 1,2

✔ LG G Watch, R, Urbane

✔ Fossil Q Founder

✔ TAG Heuer Connected

✔ Huawei Watch

✔ ASUS ZenWatch 1,2

✔ Samsung Gear LIVE

✔ Sony SmartWatch 3

The watch face will automatically install to your android wear device after installing the companion app on your handheld device. It may take a couple minutes for it to appear on the watch due to the number of high resolution images. After the installation is complete, open the handheld app to customize the look of your watch face. Then set the Weather Time watch face on your watch.

Free Features and Options

✔ Analog or Digital Clock

✔ 3 different weather providers to choose from

✔ Weather data for current location or fixed location

✔ 7 fixed background images and colors

✔ Color picker to choose any background color

✔ Color picker to choose any background color for ambient mode

✔ Color picker to choose any foreground shadow color

✔ Color picker to choose separate foreground colors for the clock, seconds, date, weather display and battery indicators

✔ Color picker to choose separate ambient foreground colors for the clock, date, weather display and battery indicators

✔ Display temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius

✔ Change units for wind speed (mph, kph, mps, knots, beaufort)

✔ Change units for pressure (inHg, mmHg, mb)

✔ 10 different clock formats (new options for seconds)

✔ 11 different date formats

✔ Change clock/date size

✔ Change size of the seconds independent of the clock size

✔ Adjust top padding of the clock

✔ Option to display a black background in ambient mode to preserve watch battery life (recommended)

✔ Choice between 5 fonts and 3 font styles

✔ Choose between short and variable height notification cards

✔ Option for translucent notification cards

✔ Option to hide notification cards in ambient mode

✔ 5-10 day forecast (depending on chosen weather provider)

Premium Features and Options (Requires 1 time in app purchase)

★ Interactive settings to open agenda, forecast, flashlight, timer, stopwatch or alarm

★ Animated scrolling backgrounds

★ Animated backgrounds that automatically change with weather conditions and time of day

★ Set any image on your phone as your watch background

★ Random photo backgrounds

★ Set how long the screen stays awake before dimming or entering ambient mode

★ Background images that automatically change with the weather

★ Change weather icon pack

★ Set the weather refresh interval

★ Option to display current phone battery level

★ Option to display current watch battery level

★ Option to vibrate watch on temperature change

★ Option to vibrate watch on phone disconnect so you never forget your phone

★ Option to vibrate watch on the hour

★ Option to vibrate when watch battery is low

★ Do not Disturb option to silence watch face vibrations during selected times

★ Display current temp with location

★ Display current temp with step count

★ Display current temp with next calendar event

★ Display current temp with wind, pressure, and humidity

★ Display current temp with wind direction and speed

★ Display high/low, short term forecast, or upcoming forecast along with current temp

★ Customize look of analog clock

Improvement Ideas

If you would like to request a new feature or you are experiencing any issues, use the menu options in the handheld app to troubleshoot or contact us and we will respond promptly.