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Wear for Swarm

Wear for Swarm


Reviews: 167 | Score: 3 | Price: Free


* List nearby Foursquare places

* Make a checkin on selected place

* Stay notified about nearby places available for check-in


With Wear for Swarm you can search for nearby Foursquare places and make a check-in directly from your Android Wear device.

With "Automatic notifications" you can be notified about places around you every time another application asks for position (it uses passive location provider only - no additional battery consumption) in minimal interval 15 minutes and minimum displacement 35 meters. This feature must be enabled in "Settings".

How to use it

1) Launch Wear for Swarm from your mobile phone or tablet

2) Login to Foursquare

3) Go to wearable applications menu

5) Select application Wear for Swarm and wait few seconds

6) Select actual place for check-in

7) Wait 5 seconds to confirm check-in. Checked-in!

Please let me know your experience and feedback!

Application source code:

This app uses the Foursquare API but is not affiliated with or endorsed by Foursquare Labs, Inc.