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Wear Time Circuit - Watch Face

Wear Time Circuit - Watch Face

Nitrous Digital

Reviews: 153 | Score: 4 | Price: €1.00

This is a custom watch face for watches running Android Wear 5.0 that displays a circuit board with animated flowing electrons!

Check out the animated preview here:

During normal operation, the watch face consumes minimal CPU (and therefore battery) by displaying a simple dot-matrix display clock. When you touch the watch face, the screen is illuminated to reveal the circuit with flowing electrons.

The watch face supports both 12 and 24 hour formats and can optionally display the current date.

All settings are configurable directly on your android wear device. No need to pull your phone out of your pocket in order to change the settings!

Configuration options:

1) Open the application list on your watch (depending on your android wear version you either touch the watch face, scroll down and select "Start..." OR, swipe left on the watch face OR hold the button on your watch for a few seconds).

2) Scroll down and select "Time Circuit" to open the configuration app on your watch.

From this menu you can select the following items to configure:

* Time Format - Specify whether the time will be displayed in 12 or 24 hour format or will match how it is displayed by your phone.

* Time Color - Select the color of the L.E.D. lights that are used to show the time in non-ambient mode.

* Time Position - Slide the clock face up/down the screen to the desired location.

* Date Format - Specify the display format of the date.

* Date Position - Select the position for the date (Hidden / Above time / Below time or Custom).

* Date Color - Select the color of the date when in non-ambient mode.

* Background - Control the intensity of the background glow or disable it entirely.

* Circuit Color - Select the color of the circuit wires.

* Circuit Intensity - Specify the brightness of the circuit wires. Values range from 1 (dim) to 3 (bright).

* Electron Intensity - Specify the brightness of the electrons. Values range from 1 (dim) to 3 (bright).

* Electron Speed - Specify how fast the electrons travel along the circuit. Speed ranges from 1 (slow) to 4 (fast)

* Electron Size - Specify the size of the electrons. Sizes range from 1 (small) to 4 (large)

As you change these settings, you will see their effect immediately.

Installation instructions:

1) Install this application on the companion device of your Android Wear 5.0 device (i.e. the phone that is associated with your Android Wear watch). The clock face will then automatically be installed on your Android Wear device.

2) Long press the screen on your Android Wear device and then select this clock face from the gallery to activate.

The application menus support the following languages:

Chinese (simplified), Czech, Dutch, English (UK), English (US), Estonian, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Swedish and Tagalog.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This application is ONLY intended for devices running ANDROID WEAR 5.0.