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Wear Sailing Race Timer

Wear Sailing Race Timer

Memory-Map, Inc.

Reviews: 5 | Score: 4 | Price: Free

This app turns your Android Wear smart watch into a fully featured sailing watch, with one important bonus feature: it vibrates! Keep your eyes on the sails, the wind and the boats around you while maintaining perfect timing!

+ Adjust the count down period

+ Sync the countdown to the nearest minute

+ After the start, count up.

+ Time of day, with seconds also displayed

+ Program a start at a specific time of day

In the last three minutes of the countdown, the app uses the signalling scheme from Appendix S of the racing rules. This is used primarily for small boat racing, and the signals are designed to avoid the need for looking at a stopwatch.

3 minutes: 3 long vibrations

2 minutes: 2 long vibrations

1 m 30s: 1 long and 3 short vibrations

1 minute: 1 long vibration

30 seconds: 3 short vibrations

20 seconds: 2 short vibrations

10 seconds: 1 short vibration

5, 4, 3, 2, 1: 1 short vibration each

Start: 1 long pulsing vibration

This app does not use any GPS features, so it is legal to use for all classes of sailboat.

The Sync feature comes in handy for those times when you miss the gun. If you start the countdown a few seconds late, and you can sync it at the prep signal or at 1 minute.

The time of day is determined from the operating system, which is usually synchronized accurately to UTC.

Race Timer is completely free and contains no ads. It is provided as a gift to the racing community. If you like this app, take a look at our Memory-Map GPS Navigation app.