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Druid Apps

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IMPORTANT: Uninstall the free version first before using this app. This should use the existing settings from the free version.

This is a Tasker and Tasker App Factory generated application.

For more information about Tasker, go to:

This does not require Tasker installed but requires Accessibility Settings for the application to read your device's notification.


- Handles incoming notifications, and stores them later for user convenient reading.

- Easy playback of stored notifications with button controls from the apps custom notification. Save messages for re-reading later or pause to continue reading later.

- Stored notifications playback is detected only when user returns to the Home screen.

- Simplified user interface makes the application intuitive and working in the background.

- Simplified way of adding applications by detecting and asking user on demand, as and when application notifications are detected. No more fiddling in the Settings to manually add application.

- Works with Android Wear since the application controls are done through the notification tray.


- Works with Nexus 5, Nexus 7 2013 and Sony Z

- LG G Watch


- Playback alert of notification for reading when a BT device or a headset device is attached.

- Playback of notification when the parent application is opened.


- Automatically dismiss notifications when they are recorded.

- There are certain limitations to some applications notifications where the message is not included in the notification. For such applications, only the title is read. Empty messages are not read out to the user (e.g. Skype).


- Removed restriction on maximum number of app notifications detected.


Below are default minimum permissions required by the Tasker App Factory application.






- This a hobby project using Tasker which has been extended to be a full application.

- Several use cases were tested to ensure that the application works seamlessly without surprising message playback especially in public places and the user initiated playback was preferred for this reason.

- It took some time to get the application to be where it is using the environment of Tasker and Tasker App Factory.

- The intention was not really to do a full-on Android application with all the bells and whistles but to use an existing automation environment and add the intelligence in the background.

- Great work from Tasker and Tasker App Factory team for allowing this capability to develop an automation app directly on the phone/tablet device, test it and release it as an APK for others to use.

- If you think the application deserves it then buying the FULL VERSION will be highly appreciated, otherwise a positive comment is a nice pat in the back already.