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Voice Recorder

Voice Recorder


Reviews: 4257 | Score: 3 | Price: Free

Voice Recorder

is a new Professional, easy voice and call recorder for Android devices. Use it for record voice notes, talks, music and songs in high quality. Voice recorder also supports call recording and external bluetooth microphone.

Voice recorder recording quality is limited by the quality device's microphone. Fully compatible with Android Wear devices. Feel free to leave me a review :)

Note: The call recording feature will work only on some devices.


● Android Wear support

● Material design

● Call recording

● Display content from Google Drive

● Export to and import from Google Drive

● Export to and import from DropBox

● Bluetooth recording

● Android App Shortcuts support

● Support stereo recording

● Recording in background

● Integration with widget

● Saving records to media library

● Silence skip, gain reduction, echo canceler

If there are any problems, please contact me via e mail.