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Ukiyo-e Watch - Sharaku -

Ukiyo-e Watch - Sharaku -

Ceres Inc.

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This watch face is decorated with Sharaku's Ukiyo-e masterpiece to feel the "Wa" of Japan.

- You can choose the picture from 60 Ukiyo-e.

Sharaku is the famous painter of middle of Edo period in Japan. You can choose the picture from his masterpiece works.

He was drawing actors with full use of deformation.

"Otani Oniji III as Yakko Edobei" and "Ichikawa Ebizo as Takemura Sadanoshin" are introduced as masterpieces of Sharaku.

- Japanese old style time system, showing with slow moving dial.

Count the time by the movement of the sun with the zodiac on the basis of the temporal hour system. It had been used in Japan until the Edo period and the early Meiji period.

First, divide a day to 2 parts by day and night. Then, divide each part to 6 parts. Finally, a day is divided 12 parts as not equal time length.

This time system is uniqe, and it was used only in Japan. It can be said to be the time system that makes a very reasonable sense, considering the natural life rhythm in a day. Watch was not general in old days, but everyone could measure the time by a motion of the sun.

- Showing the information of picture's location

Touch the pin icon on this watch face, then the information of picture's location will be shown on your smartphone.

- Changing settings by smartphone

You can change settings by smartphone.

- Location by picture preview

- Location rotation timing

- Small size time display

- Language for showing location name and location information: English or Kanji (Japanese character)

- Language for showing day of the week: Your smartphone language, English, or Kanji (Japanese character)

How to change settings : "Android Wear" app on your smartphone -> "Watch faces" -> Push the icon on "Ukiyo-e Watch - 53 Stations -"


Q1: "Android Wear isn't responding. Do you want to close it? Wait OK" was displayed. How do I?

A1: Please tap "Wait". Depending on the model, the above screen appears.

Q2: Can I use this on Apple_Watch?

A2: This watch face is for Android_Wear.