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TruLink Hearing Control

TruLink Hearing Control

Starkey Hearing Technologies

Reviews: 92 | Score: 3 | Price: Free

With TruLink Hearing Control, people with hearing loss can go anywhere and do everything more conveniently than ever before. That’s because TruLink seamlessly connects your hearing aids to your Android phone — so you can easily adjust volume, memories, and even customize the performance to unique situations.

TruLink works with specific hearing aids from Starkey, Audibel, NuEar, MicroTech and AGX Hearing. These hearing aids must be purchased from a hearing care professional. Please go to to locate a professional near you.

Main Features:

• Lets you control your hearing aid volume and memories via your phone

• Lets you personalize and geo-tag memories to match what you do and where you go

• Can change memories automatically based on personalized geo-tags (e.g. changes to Coffee Shop memory when you walk into a Coffee Shop)

• Adapts automatically when you travel in a car

• Find a lost or misplaced hearing aid

*Currently supported on:

- Samsung Galaxy® S7 running Android OS 6.0

- Samsung Galaxy® S6 running Android OS 5.0

- Samsung Galaxy® S4 or S5 running Android OS 4.4.4

- Samsung Galaxy® Note 7 running Android OS 6.0

- Samsung Galaxy® Note 5 running Android OS 5.1.1

- Samsung Galaxy® Note 3 or Note 4 running Android OS 5.0

- HTC M10 running Android OS 6.0

- HTC M7 & M8 running Android OS 5.0

- Pixel & Pixel XL running Android OS 7.0

- Nexus 5x & 6p running Android OS 6.0

TruLink for Android does not provide streaming at this time.