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Tasker Now

Tasker Now

Marco Stornelli

Reviews: 298 | Score: 3 | Price: Free

******This is a Tasker plugin, it requires: Tasker 4.4+******

Use Google Now as input for Tasker from your phone or smartwatch! With the free version you can use a word of four characters with exact match. To setup a profile with Tasker Now open Tasker and select "Event" in the Profiles tab.


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How to activate on Android Wear:

1) Say "take a note" and then the command

2) Say "start vocal command" and then say the command

3) Open the app and then say the command

4) Send a special notification from smartphone. The notification is sent via a Tasker Now action in Tasker.

5) Shaking

To access to the settings on Wear:

Open the app on wear and swipe to the right

With the pro version you can use several match rules:

- exact match

- at least one word

- all the word specified

- start with rule

- end with rule

- regular expression

- sub-string rule

- template rule (a template is for example "send <contact> message <msg>", the plug is going to create two custom variables called %contact and %msg filled with your words)

- ignore punctuation

you can use Tasker variables in the edit text and you can detect a language offline.

On a smartphone you can use the accessibility service or use a sentence of this kind:

"Ok Google, search in Tasker Now"

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