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Talk to HOME

Talk to HOME

KAndySoft UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

Reviews: 26 | Score: 4 | Price: €2.00

Take control of your home with

- Philips HUE


- OpenHAB


connected devices with simple, customizable voice commands.

Unlike Amazon Echo you don´t have to buy a new device but can use your existing ones.

For HUE lights you can select pre-defined light scenes (as defined in the Philips HUE app), switch on/off all HUE bulbs alltogether or for specific groups/rooms. All OpenHAB devices and variables can be switched as defined in OpenHAB. Synchronisation of all configurations via Google Drive.

Additional standard commands will tell you the current time and allow to set a timer or tell you the list of available commands.

Talk2Home can be used through different ways:

- in the App by pushing the voice button once

- via "Ok, Google"

- in the App by activation of Continuous Service (Wi-Fi only)

- via Android Wear

- via HTTP Call (REST)

When using the Continuous Service on a device placed in a docking station at home, you can use the voice commands anytime without having to start the app.

Starting the app itself via voice commands works also in connection with an Android Wear device.

Available languages:

- English

- German

- French

Minimum requirement is Android 4.2 (JellyBean)

This app is not affiliated with Philips, Sonos Inc or Apple Inc.