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System Info For Android Wear

System Info For Android Wear

Wearable Software

Reviews: 339 | Score: 4 | Price: Free

System info provides system, cpu, process, storage, temperature and memory informations for your wearable in one single app. Download now for free. To start the app. Just say: OK Google...Start system info.

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★ CPU usage display, statistic & history

★ Determine processes with high CPU usage

★ Memory usage display (free / total)

★ Storage usage display (free / total)

★ CPU Temperatue display

★ Display model informations

★ Display system informations

★ Display build informations

Please note:

-Make sure your mobile is compatible with Android Wear.

-Make sure to pair your phone with the wearable device with help of the Android Wear App.

-To open: Go to "Start..." and open the app "System Info" or say "Start system info"

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