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Sparkling Gems Watch Faces

Sparkling Gems Watch Faces (Gems Watch Faces)

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Shimmering sparkles flashes on a harmonic wall background with bright glitter diamonds arrows.

Here and there brilliants sparkles flash, performing a mysterious dance.

They call you to join and dance in the improbable Universe of Time!

Sparkling, chic precious stones in a slow motion under arrows...

they reflect the light and shine spreading the light all around.

Such picture makes think of beauty, beautiful and luxurious things.

It is a real masterpiece, a piece of art.

Take handfuls of these friends of any girl and make a diamond rain above your head.

Deep into the world of beauty and luxury, see the reflections of the stones in your eyes.

You can place watch face on many different colorful backgrounds in our companion smartphone/tablet application where you can also adjust some parts of watch.

Features adjust in setting:

- Some parts of watch

- Foliate

- Flares

- Gems ornament

- Over 29 backgrounds are in the best possible quality

Brilliants artistic collection of a fabulous gems watch faces with many themes and a lot of parts combinations for watch face.

How to:

After install on your smartphone, the app automatically installs itself on the watch.

Please activate it from the watch:

Long press on the clock, and select by tap: "Sparkling Gems".

* Realistic Quality HD Artwork.

* No any static pictures, truly live animation in HD appearance.

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