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SLater Pro

SLater Pro

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SLater (or Search Later) is the new, powerful search app for those short on time or internet connection. If you can't search now, Search Later!

SLater can be used if:

• You currently have no internet connection.

• You are too busy right now to search the web.

• You don't want to forget what you were going to search for.

Whenever you think of something you would like to know, enter it as a SLate. Now you can get back to what you were doing before with no fuss. SLater goes away and performs the search in the background, saving the results for you. When you are ready, check out the results at your leisure. Also works on Android Wear!


• Google search.

• Amazon product search.

• Wikipedia search including disambiguation.

• Wiktionary search.

• Bing web search.

• Bing news search.

• Bing image search.

• Choose multiple search sources simultaneously.

• Can queue multiple queries.

• List of results, plus the page that the first result points to.

• Auto-search when internet connection found.

• Share links to Google Keep, Pocket (Read It Later), Email etc.

• Open links and results in a browser.

• Can limit searching to use Wifi only to save on your mobile data usage.

• Can limit searches to pages of your phone's language.

• Can select search safety options to hide or show adult pages (off, medium or strict).

• Notifications with the results including snippets.

• Android Wear support - notifications show up on your wearable with images.

• Android Wear support - notification allow you to search again using your voice from your watch.

• Shortcuts for homescreen for adding SLates.

• Export and import SLate list for backup purposes.

• Voice search from within the app, or from the shortcut.

• Kind on your battery (app not always running in background).

• Android Wear App - Say "OK Google, Start SLater", then you will be prompted to say your search terms. Then you will be given a couple of seconds chance to cancel, then the SLate will be added to your phone. You can then Add Another if wanted. Notifications will alert you when you get a result. You can also start the app directly from the watch app list.

This app is new, so please expect some bugs. Please email

if you have any problems, or if you have any suggestions.

This Pro version also gives you:

• Unlimited searches.

PLEASE UNINSTALL any free SLater versions before installing this.

There is a FREE version available for you to try first.