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Remote Shot for Rectangle Wear

Remote Shot for Rectangle Wear

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Reviews: 121 | Score: 3 | Price: €1.00

Remote Shot allows you to control your Phone's camera by using Android Wear(Watch) even if your phone's screen is off!


- Show camera preview on your Android Wear

- Taking picture any time even if your phone's screen is off or locked.

- Works stable

- Allow you to change setting on Watch.

-- Silent mode(shutter sound turn on and off)

-- Switch FRONT camera and REAR camera

-- Switch camera resolution directly

-- Self timer mode (3sec/10sec timer available)

- Do not disturb your phone's screen while phone's screen is on.

All features will work fine even if your phone's screen is off !


If you have 'Moto 360'. I recommend 'Remote Shot for Moto 360'

If you have 'LG G Watch R'. I recommend 'Remote Shot for LG G Watch R'

If You may have purchased it by mistake, feel free to contact us.

- Tested with major Android wear devices like Samsung Gear Live and LG G Watch

How to start the app

2 ways to start the app.

Tap to Start

- Just tap on your wear's face.

- Scroll to the bottom and you can find the 'START' on the list view.

- Tap 'START' and scroll vertically a bit, you'll find 'REMOTE SHOT'

Voice command

say 'START REMOTE SHOT' and wake up.

Picture will be saved in phone's default 'Pictures' folder.

(please note 'Pictures' foder is inside internal storage.Not in the SDCard)

*Smartphone and Android Wear must be paired before you use it.

To Android 6.0 (and higher) phone users.

If you use Android OS version 6.0(Marshmallow) and above.It brought a big new battery-saving feature called Doze mode.

Remote Shot may not remain connected unless the Remote Shot app is allowed to run in the background after Android 6.0.

Various information provider runs in the background on your phone and you can check the various information displayed on our watchface on your watch.

So please add your Remote Shot app to the list of not optimized apps by the following procedure.


Start 'Android Wear' app on your phone. You can see 'STAY CONNECTED' notice on the screen.Tap 'STAY CONNECTED' button.




Tap 'YES' to ignore battery optimizations for 'Android Wear' app.


Tap 'Settings' on your phone.And Tap 'Battery' in the settings list.


Tap menu button on top-right.


Tap 'Battery optimization'


Tap 'Not optimized' and change it to 'All apps'.


Scroll down and you can find 'Remote Shot' in the list.


Tap 'Remote Shot' and select 'Don't optimize'


Tap 'DONE' to complete the setup.

To Sony's Xperia users

"Turn off" the STAMINA mode,when you want to take picture with screen-off mode.

(How to set:Setting>Power management>STAMINA mode)

If you search No sound shutter,Silent Camera,Smart shutter,remote shutter ,try this first.


Please read EULA( carefully and agree it before you purchase app.

If you have a question,plsease feel free to contact our email address in English.