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Reader for Android Wear

Reader for Android Wear

Marcel Dopita

Reviews: 198 | Score: 3 | Price: Free

Reader has all the needed functions (view text, scroll, navigate, remember position, change font size). Its main purpose is to serve as very simple viewer until some better and full featured book reader appears on the market.

- To view and start reading a file, transfer it from your phone by selecting Reader when opening txt file or sharing text content.

- Long tap in the Reader app on Android Wear to access all transferred text files.

- To change font size, use "pinch to zoom"

- Larger files are split to 10 kB pages when viewing. Long tap for navigation and additional options.

- To avoid issues with encodings, make sure text file is saved as UTF-8.

Possible use cases:

- Actual standalone book/ebook reader (file size doesn't matter, sending 1 MB ebook is fine)

- Cheat sheet (utilizing small font size)

- Grocery list or other note (shared from phone note app)

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