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Quick Calc for Android Wear

Quick Calc for Android Wear


Reviews: 15 | Score: 4 | Price: Free


Fast and easy to use calculator designed for Android Wear Smartwatches with large buttons for accurate input. Supports addition(+), subtraction(-), multiplication(*), division(/), powers(^), and square root.

How to use:

Simply tap any of the 1 to 9 numbers to enter them, enter a 0 by swiping up. Any of the blue symbols can be inputted by pressing and holding on them. You can clear the read out by pressing and holding on the "C" or swipe down to backspace. To exit swipe left to right like normal.

How to start:

After the app is installed it will automatically sync to your Android Wear watch. Say "OK Google" "Start Quick Calc" on your Android Wear watch to start the calculator. You can also say "OK Google" "Start" and then pick it from the list of applications on your watch. If you don't want to talk at all to start the app then just tap on the screen and scroll down to "Start.." and then find "Quick Calculator".


To access the settings swipe right to left. You can change the long press length any where from 0.9 second down to 0.15 seconds, if your fast. Also vibration can be turned up or down or off all together.


Requires an Android Wear device already paired with your Android 4.3+ device to sync the app to the watch. Once it is synced it can be run when not connected to your Android phone since this is a native app.

Works with the Samsung Gear Live and LG G Smartwatches