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Tencent Technology (Shenzhen) Company Ltd.

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- 语音消息变声,搞笑卖萌乐翻天;

- 聊天窗口改版,常用功能触手可及;

- 讨论组可@成员,重要信息及时关注;

- 群文件搜索,快速查找锁定目标文件;

说明:1.仅支持Android 系统4.4及以上版本机型。



QQ chat Light Version Features: This application is designed for low performance company Tencent mobile-optimized Lite QQ. Reserved core chat function, ultra-small package, saving memory, chat more fun!

QQ chat light version of the new 3.5 features:

 - Voice messages Voice Changer, Funny sell Meng wins;

 - Revision of the chat window, commonly used features at your fingertips;

 - Discussion group members can @ important information prompt attention;

 - Group file search, quickly find the target file locking;

Description: 1 only supports Android system 4.4 and above models.

      2. The light version does not support chat Lenovo K800, K900 and other Lenovo X86 and MIPS architecture models.

      3. Tap chat version does not support voice calls, video calls and other functions, better performance of the phone is recommended to use QQ mobile version, you can use both versions.