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Pixels Watch Face (Donate)

Pixels Watch Face (Donate)

Anthony St

Reviews: 12 | Score: 4 | Price: €1.00

Pixels Watch Face is a clean watch face which displays the clock as glowing dots on a matrix. Digits are smoothy animated when the time is changing.

- Colorful

Many colors are available to customize the watch face : change the glowing dots color or all the other dots colors to your taste.

- Useful

Pixels Watch Face displays the wear battery level as a gauge on the left, and the mobile battery level as a gauge on the right. You can disable them if you want ! The design is compatible with squared and rounded screens.

The date can also be displayed, above or below the clock, using your favorite format.

- Tasty!

You dislike the squared pixels ? So set the dots style to circles!

- Sensitive

Quickly click 3-times on the watch face to start your favorite wearable application! Useful and very more discrete than "OK Google"!

- Battery saver

Finally, the ambient mode will save your battery life! OLED screens can also choose the possibility to keep the screen ON, but this option is disabled by default.