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Phone Remote Control (ROOT)

Phone Remote Control (ROOT)

Matthias Credits

Reviews: 10 | Score: 3 | Price: Free

This App needs ROOT access on your phone.

With this App you are able to remotely operate your phone with your Android Wear device.

In every situation you do not want to pull out your mobile you can have a quick view on your phones screen and your apps you are operating. You can read new messages in your messengers and you can even answer them by using the keyboard on your phone remotely. Or you need the latest stock or sports information you usually read on your phones screen. And, what about the weather of tomorrow? Or any other information you usually get from your phone. With Phone Remote Control you now have everything on your watch’s screen.


- required: Needs

Google Android Wear App

to connect from Phone to Wear device



: You should set your Android Wear device as trusted device for your smart phone unlock and use a simple swipe to unlock your phone (

a pattern unlock entry with Phone Remote Control is possible but a little difficult and can lead to a durable locked phone device



- Wakes up the phone device on start of Android Wear App

- Phone app asks for super user access to generate touch screen events (select permanent permission)

- Phone app asks user for permission to cast phone device screen contents (to wear device) (select permanent permission)

- Dims phone screen to lowest possible value during remote session (to save battery)

- Transfers complete phone screen up to 3 times per second to the wear device

- Uses arm tilt to pan through the phone screen cast on your wear device

- Transfers finger taps and swipes from the wear device to the phone

- Adjustable tilt offset for best arm tilt behavior (round button on phone app splash screen)

- Re-adjust dim settings on phone after wear device app stop (by pressing crown)

- Phone resumes deep sleep after stopping Android Wear App (as selected by user)

- Tested with: Sony Smartwatch 3, LG G Watch R, LG G3

- remark: in the Android Wear implementation for sending bigger data blocks to the wear is a memory leak. If you open a long running remote session (means about 15 minutes) the mobile app is beeing killed by the Android because it consumes to much memory. I will try to figure out and discuss with Google how to prevent this situation.

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