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Phillips Hue for Android Wear

Phillips Hue for Android Wear

Nice Watch

Reviews: 27 | Score: 3 | Price: €2.00

The best Philips Hue lighting option available that allows controlling your bridge from both your Android wear and mobile device. Sleek design and easy functionality will allow you to quickly and easily perform different functions which will give you the most out of your Philips Hue set.


- Quick and easy bridge connecting, simply open the wear app and you will automatically connect to your bridge. No need to have your mobile app on during the process like other apps

- Toggle groups on/off with a simple tap on their names

- Hold on a group name to access its settings where you can control its brightness and toggle individual lights contained in the group

- Instructions: For first time use, make sure you connect to the bridge through the mobile version first and authenticate. Then you will be able to connect through the watch without needing your mobile device ever again


- Quickly create new groups with whichever lights you want in them and delete the old. Groups are easily editable, allowing you to change their names and the lights contained in the them.

- Groups are toggled on/off by simply clicking on them and their settings are accessed on holding down on then.

- Easily distinguish between light bulb types so you know which lights support color and which do not.

- Dim a group to any brightness you want, and toggle individual lights contained in any group.

- Multiple device support, have everyone in your house view the same rooms and perform the same actions

- Swipe down to refresh feature that will show you the updated states of your groups

- See if groups are reachable, on, or off

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