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People Reminder

People Reminder


Reviews: 2 | Score: 3 | Price: Free

People Reminder lets you set reminders based on people & you get reminded when you make or get a call from them. So no more missed birthday wishes or missed tickets at home.

Speak with natural language or type them up to set the reminders!

Simple, Minimalist & Straight to the point!

People reminder has natural language processing, which means you can set reminders using natural language which includes things like

- When I speak with John, Remind me to tell him not to forget the room keys

- Remind me to ask Robert if he would be coming home this Weekend

- Next time when I speak to Julia, Remind me to inform her about the DHL package

- Ask me to Inform Chris about the new XBOX ONE controller in the market

- Remind me to wish birthday when I talk to Mike

If you are not a big fan of voice input, we got you covered. People reminder also comes with Manual input mode where you can type in the reminder and select the contact you wish to link the reminder with.

People reminder is all about getting the reminder to you at the right time when you need it.