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Basement Nerds Computing, LLC

Reviews: 5 | Score: 3 | Price: €1.00

The first game made for Android Wear!

It's a classic top-scrolling arcade shooting game in space!

That's right! You pilot a tiny space ship through the galaxy, shooting every alien ship in your path. While you shoot past stars, more and more ships will come and the game will get faster and faster paced. Don't let them get past or it's game over!

The controls are simple. Slide your ship left and right to shoot the green ships coming toward you.

Future updates may include powerups, different enemies, etc.


This game is for square screens. If you play on a round screen, you wouldn't be able to control the ship. Therefore, the game will not launch on rounds screens. DO NOT BUY IF YOU HAVE A MOTO 360 OR SIMILAR.