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Newton: Interstellar WatchFace

Newton: Interstellar WatchFace

Newton Press Inc.

Reviews: 512 | Score: 3 | Price: Free

**This app requires Android Wear devices**

A watch face for Interstellar travellers, created under the supervision of Newton Science Magazine.

As your speed of travel accelerates towards the speed of light, Einstein’s special law of relativity causes time to begin slowing down. Interstellar Watch Face calculates the delay and tells you the time back on the earth.

From the menu page, you can choose from five speeds of travel: 99%, 99.9%, 99.99%, 99.999% and 99.9999% of the speed of light. The bottom right of the display shows how much faster time is moving on earth, which will range from seven to 707 times depending on the speed of travel you have chosen. The bottom left of the display shows which celestial objects you are approaching, and your distance from the earth.

Let yourself drift through space on your interstellar trip!

Celestial objects on this app and the distance from the earth (unit: light years):

Alpha Centauri A: 4.39ly

Barnard’s Star: 5.9ly

Wolf 359: 7.8ly

Sirius: 8.6ly

Ross 154: 9.7ly

Procyon: 11.5ly

Altair: 16.73ly

Vega: 25ly

Pollux: 33.72ly

Capella: 43ly

Regulus: 79ly


Spica: 250ly

Alpha Crucis: 324ly

Antares: 553ly

Rigel: 863ly


Supports both round and square watch faces.

Tap a selection button on the menu page to change your traveling speed.


Depending on signal level, there may be a delay of between one and three hours from installation of the app to its appearance on your Android Wear device.

We recommend you to install the app via a Wi-Fi connection.

Newton Science Magazine discusses the latest scientific topics in an accessible style, with extensive use of graphics to make difficult scientific concepts easier to understand. Newton Press also publishes Newton Supplement, a more specialized series of magazines focusing on a single topic per issue, and Newton International Edition on iPad, a digital magazine that enables readers to experience its articles via their eyes, ears, and fingertips.