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Native App Builder for Android

Native App Builder for Android

John Li

Reviews: 6 | Score: 2 | Price: €4.00

( Our tutorial video and user guide video is uploading to our YouTube Channel this month, please watch them at )

Do you have a great innovative idea to build an App for Android Wear Watch/Phone/Tablet, but lacking tools to quickly prototype it ? App Builder can help you to quickly build a prototype App, and run the App on the real Device.

Simpel Steps:

1. Create a project for your App, choose a beautiful icon and name.

2. Add some screen/page for the App.

3. Using the intuitive UI to add controls to the your pages.

4. Link the pages with button actions.

5. Run it on REAL device with Native UI !!

How to Run it on Android Wear Watch ?

There's a color send button on first screen, touch it and all your projects will sync to Android Wear Watch. Then you can run it from App Builder on the Watch.

How to Run it in App Builder (Phone or Tablet) ?

- Run it with App Builder on the Phone.

- Create shortcut on desktop to quickly start your App.

- Export and Share Project via Email or File, and import on other devices and run it.

How to share ?

- You can export and share one project, copy or share by email with others, and open on other devices to import it.

- You can export and share the database with all projects, just copy the exported database file and import on other devices.

Action Include: Phone Call, Send SMS, Vibrate, Play Ringtone, Play Notification, show Toast, Record Audio, Take Photo, Toggle Flashlight. All Action can be triggered from Android Wear Watch.

UI Control Include: Text View, Button, Edit Text, Image View, Radio Button, Switch, Toggle Button, Seek bar, Rating bar, Spinner, List View, Web View.

In-App Purchase "Generate Code and Build APK"

- Generate XML Layout file for Android

- Generate All Java Source Code ( Only Start Screen Activity Action is supported now )

- Build APK