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Mr Gabriel

Mr Gabriel


Reviews: 27 | Score: 4 | Price: Free

Download Mr Gabriel to feel safe everywhere you go. Mr Gabriel is a virtual guardian angel on your Android Wear and/or your Phone. Whenever you are in trouble, Mr Gabriel detects it and automatically sends a help message to your predefined contacts. Mr Gabriel is FREE!

Do you run alone? Are you coming back home late at night? With Mr Gabriel, you now feel as if you had a Guardian Angel by your side.

With smartphones, people feel reassured that help is just a call away. But the time it takes to access, unlock and dial a phone turns apparently these simple actions into challenges when panic sets in.


With Mr Gabriel, you feel confident about your safety since you know you can send an alert in less than 2 taps from your Android Wear or Phone. A text message including your current position is then sent to your predefined contacts.


1/ Chose up to 3 “Angels” among your friends or family. They will be the ones who receive your “Alert” messages in case anything happens.

2/ Press the alert button and Mr Gabriel will send a text message calling for help to your 3 Angels.


- Always with you: Mr.Gabriel sits on your watch and therefore stays with you all the time. No risk of leaving the phone in your bag or in another room, etc.

- Android Wear optimized: You can call for help directly and discreetly from your watch.

- One touch alert button: designed to avoid false alerts.

- Alert via text messages: alerts include your phone number (clickable) and your name to enable your Angels to call you back as soon as possible. If you chose to enable geolocation (recommended), your location is sent as well.

- Respects your privacy: your Angels will never know your location unless an Alert is sent or if you chose to share it (see below).

- “Send my location”: this option allows you to send your location to one of your Angels in 1 click. Helpful if you do not want to send an alert but need someone to come and help you because you are lost or not feeling well.

- Define up to 3 Angels to ask for their help individually or collectively.