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Max Altimeter

Max Altimeter


Reviews: 149 | Score: 3 | Price: Free

It is Altimeter using GPS on the device.

Main Function

1. Indicate current altitude.

2. Altimeter displays elevation change over the past 5 minutes.

3. Selectable color theme.


1. Enable GPS.

2. Read measured value.


- To receive GPS signal, handset must be set under the open sky.

- Use the open sky to receive GPS signal. Not be used in the indoor.

- Can cause signal distortion in places such as skyscrapers or around the wooded place, the measurement error can be turned.

- Depending on the surrounding environment, it may take some time to Initial start-up of the GPS.

- General environment rather than in a special environment (Example: skydiving, measure the height of the projectile, alpine climbing, flying height measurement etc.) that is not suitable.