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Match Timer for Android Wear

Match Timer for Android Wear

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Reviews: 7 | Score: 3 | Price: Free

Match Timer is a utility for timing soccer matches from your Android Wear device.

PLEASE NOTE: This app only works on Android Wear devices. You must install it on the phone or tablet paired with your Wear device and the app will automatically be available on your Wear device.

It is supported and explained by a series of posts which will appear on the Android development blog

You can launch the app using the voice command "OK Google, start match timer".

During normal operation a notification will be shown indicating the number of minutes elapsed. If you swipe down to the notification a more detailed view will be shown which details the total elapsed time (left), the total time played (top right), and the total stoppages (bottom right).

The app is controlled by swiping left from this screen to see the various actions available. These will change depending on the current state. The match can be paused whenever there is a stoppage, and resumed once play recommences.

When the total elapsed time reaches 45 minute there will be a notification consisting of three short vibrations, and when the total played time reaches 45 minutes there will be a notification of three long vibrations.