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Magnum Watch Face

Magnum Watch Face


Reviews: 44 | Score: 4 | Price: €1.00

Interactive Watch Face for round Android Wear watches

★ Only for round watches! ★

★★★ Google FIT data: ★★★

✔ Daily steps with graph (click in a center to switch between graphs)

✔ Total data (Today, Week, Month)

✔ Active running time

✔ Active walking time

✔ Active biking time

✔ Burned calories

★★★ Other data: ★★★

✔ Weather forecast with graph (3 weather providers)

✔ Stopwatch

✔ Watch and phone battery

✔ Date

✔ 24 hour format

✔ Screen time

✔ Interactive menu with app shortcuts

✔ Automatic or manual weather location

✔ Current location

✔ Shortcuts for Hangouts, Google Keep, Google Maps, Alarm clock, Stopwatch, Music, Translate, Flashlight, Timer, Google Fit, Agenda, Find my phone, Google Messages, Shazam

✔ Full ambient mode

✔ Smooth seconds

✔ Small peek card option

✔ Translucent peek card

★★★ Configuration in companion app ★★★

✔ Google FIT sync time

✔ Automatic or custom added weather location

✔ Smooth seconds or tick seconds

✔ Screen time settings

✔ Weather update time

✔ Simple and full ambient mode

✔ Peek card configuration (transparent, small or big)

✔ Notifications

Compatible with round and square watches:

• Motorola 360 (1st or 2nd gen)

• Huawei Watch

• LG Watch Urbane

• LG G Watch R

• TAG Heuer Connected

• Fossil Q Founder

To install:

1. After install run 'Resync app' on Android Wear App.

2. Long press your android wear watch and choose Magnum Watch Face as your watch face