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Lucid Dream Inducer

Lucid Dream Inducer

Tomasz Paś

Reviews: 69 | Score: 4 | Price: Free

The combination of one of the most popular techniques: WILD (Wake Induced Lucid Dreams), with modern technology gave surprisingly good results. This is the application written by a lucid dreamer for lucid dreamers.

In this app there are instructions not only for WILD, but WBTB(Wake Back To Bed) and Reverse Blinking as well. New techniques coming soon!

Are you tired of the lack of results at the earnest attempts to achieve a lucid dream? This is the app for you. Or maybe you are an experienced lucid dreamer, and feel like to try a new method to learn more about lucid dreaming? This is also the app for you.

Lucid Dream Inducer is a modern extension of one of the most popular and most respected techniques. Entering into the dream has never been so easy. Set the application, comfortably lie down in your bed and start dreaming, and the Lucid Dream Inducer will remind you that you are falling asleep. Your body will drift away, but your mind will stay awake and lucid.

And it's not all! Lucid Dream Inducer also has a feature known as Constant Lucidity. Set it to receive random notifications that will remind you to do a Reality Test. First step to achieve Lucidity in your dream is to stay Lucid throughout the day.

If you have an Android Wear device, it will be the perfect fit for Lucid Dream Inducer. If you don't, don't worry, it works great with bigger devices as well.