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LINE公式ニュースアプリ / LINE NEWS

LINE公式ニュースアプリ / LINE NEWS

LINE Corporation

Reviews: 9945 | Score: 3 | Price: Free


タブレットやAndroid Wearにも対応した「LINE」の公式ニュースアプリ!





◆ 最新ニュースから読み物まで!


◆ ぱっと見でわかる


◆ ニュースの取り方を変える「続報中」!


「LINE NEWS」はスマートフォン時代の新しいニュースのスタイルです。

<LINE NEWSの優れた特徴>



















さらにLINEの公式アカウント「LINE NEWS」を友だちに追加すれば、厳選された話題を1日3回(朝刊/昼刊/夕刊)LINEへお届けします。






・Android Wearで最新情報を素早くチェック!

















News can be seen in the "5 seconds video". Way to work or to wait.

The official news app also corresponding to the tablet and Android Wear "LINE"!

Entertainment, sports, classic genres such as current affairs, of course, business, outing, gourmet, joined by genre, such as love, and more widely cover the genre.

Now, to pick up any topic should be pressing, will introduce and edit clarity.

◆ news is seen in 5 seconds video "video digest"

Major news, of course, from the moment of the century, until the heartwarming video, you can be one after another check in 5 seconds video.

◆ from the latest news to reading!

In the sense, such as newspapers and magazines of the convenience store lined bookshelf, also collect information kill time is also enough in this one.

◆ seen in glance

Carefully selected article, because it compactly, you know without reading all.

◆ change the way of taking the news "in the follow-up"!

Topic in progress together in chronological order, notice the new app. Not missed.

"LINE NEWS" is a new news of the style of the smartphone era.

For 5 seconds only look at the video, you can check the major news and topics

In the sense to enjoy the zapping of TV, you can understand the major news rough-hewn. In addition, such as switching on and off and video capacity of auto-play by the communication situation, set in consideration of the packet rate is also available.

· Responsible desk of each genre, carefully selected topics can recommend!

Since the firm and edit Judiciously the topic by the human eye, certainly, you can introduce the content you want to keep pressing now.

· Sentences carefully selected image and the key points are summarized in compact straight coming into my head.

While firmly holding the relevant information, you have to edit that seen in the first glance.

· Topic in progress, summarized in chronological order flow up to the present from the first report!

Even as I read the news even from the middle, you can easily grasp the overall picture of the topic by simply scroll.

- You talk to recognize the reading, will push notification the major news then to reach.

There was a need to go to take on their own until now, the continuation of the topic to be worried about, will deliver to your ex.

Because, there is a look-ahead function of the article, read at any time!

Since the pre-read the article, you can read without stress article also the way offline.

Check together in-favorite features!

If the topic was worrisome Oke to "Favorites", it will be seen immediately without having to look for an article from the post.

In addition, in the same LINE account, you can sync your favorite smart phone, up to a maximum of 5 units, such as tablets.

- 14 kinds of the order of the genre, to your taste!

Unnecessary ones can also be hidden, you can change it to you to fit and easy-to-use app.

- Ordinary delivered in up to four times a day, announce the news of the update to the specified time to the app!

With the addition to the official account "LINE NEWS" of LINE to a friend, three times a day a topic that has been carefully selected (morning edition / day published / evening) will deliver to LINE.

News should be reading now also without missing, you can check in the app.

- The topic I thought, "This is!" Is immediately shared LINE, Twitter, to Facebook!

Not only LINE of talk and timelines, Twitter, you can easily share to Facebook.

• In the tablet more comfortable on the big screen!

In the image size and the amount of information that is suitable to the big screen, you can enjoy a more comfortable news.

- A quick check for the latest information in the Android Wear!

In optimized design to the terminal, extra and earthquake alert, you can see immediately at hand and operating information.

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Net · IT



- Interesting - story

·go out



- Love - essays



- Anime & Game