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Krona Sunlight Watchface

Krona Sunlight Watchface

Simon Barke

Reviews: 1120 | Score: 4 | Price: €1.00

The Ultimate Weather Forecast


Watch Face


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★ Android Wear 2.0 ready

★ Preview version, limited functionality

Works on all round and square Android Wear smartwatches.

Functional yet beautiful design. Complex yet easy to read weather information. Stylish yet power efficient.

Two weather engines*

★ World Weather Online (commercial)

★ OpenWeatherMap (community based)

to ensure

maximum accuracy


Current weather condition and

detailed 24 h weather forecast


★ Temperatures

★ Cloudiness

★ Rainfall

★ Snowfall

★ Sunrise

★ Sunset

that can be grasped intuitively at a glance.


wind condition

and 24 h wind forecast with

★ Wind speed

★ Wind direction

★ Wind gust (



★ Different units (imperial, metric, knots, Beaufort wind force scale)

that is

shake or touch activated



condition prediction without internet


★ Unique condition algorithm

★ Accurately predicts current temperature in 10 minute intervals based on forecast data

★ Works for up to 24 hours when phone lost internet connection or watch lost phone connection

Comes with

companion application

to switch

★ Notification peek card size and ambient mode selection (off/small/large)

★ Battery percentage (on/off)

★ Battery light (color coded battery status halo)

★ Day, month, day of the week (on/off)

★ Temperature units (Celsius/Fahrenheit)

★ Wind speed units (km/h, m/s, mph, knots, Beaufort scale,



★ Wind screen activation options (on shake and/or on touch,



★ Ambient mode design options (Battery percentage, date, weather condition, high/low,



★ 'Feels like' temperatures including wind chill (



★ Weather update interval (30 minutes to 12 hours)

★ Manual weather location override

★ Different time ring, battery light design options (



Weather information is updated in the background. If outdated, current condition is estimated for up to 48 hours using forecast data.

How to install

Some minutes after the app installed on your phone, the watch face will be copied to your watch automatically. If this does not happen, run 'Resync apps' from settings of the Android Wear App. Choose the watch face in the Android Wear App and enter the settings companion app from there. Select color schemes and features (calendar, battery, ...). Please let us know if you run into any troubles.


Current weather condition is requested by companion app and pushed to Android Wear device.

• Coarse location, network-based (no GPS) for weather data

• Full internet access for weather data request

• Enable weather update service upon reboot

Required by official Google Android Wear Watch Face API

• Prevent phone (watch) from sleeping

• Acts as custom watch face

Multi-screen activation touch areas are placed on top of the watch face (can be deactivated)

• Draw over other apps

Weather update status log file is written to your phone for debugging. Can be accessed from advanced settings.

• Read and write contents of USB storage

Tested on: Motorola Moto 360, ASUS ZenWatch, Sony SmartWatch 3, LG G Watch, LG G Watch R, Samsung Gear Live


availability of weather engines is subject to change