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★Android WEAR対応 ★Android TV対応






▼ When you follow your favorite artists from among the more than 100,000 artists, the latest in automatic music, videos, news arrive in full for free!

▼ You can also enjoy your own music rankings! Completely cover the topic entertainment news and events!

[How to use the KOLA (Coke)]

1) Check your favorite artist (follow-up)

Swipe 2) screen to the left (moving sideways) Then, you can see the news and music of artists to follow.

3) news and music was worrisome, video viewing Click, Play

4) favorite content is stored in the ★ Clip Then my page on the fly

There is a new discovery and each time follow a variety of page!

Features of KOLA (Coke)]

• If you follow your favorite artists, music, video, news, event information and Instagram · Twitter, such as artists can be viewed together the information to be originating

Follow the artist and popular news missed is eliminated because arrive in a push!

Enjoy at any time later and is, like videos and news clips

- Other users can view the videos and MV playlists clip new discovery can enjoy

And originality of the music rankings TOP100 place music of renewable

- Rich artists library

· YouTube a possible continuous playback

Music and videos shuffle / loop playback

Over over over Seven. Seven.

[Implementation of the feature requests]

• For video playback error improvement

Configuring the popularity of news notification

And display setting of feed

And viewing of the play list

Over over over Seven. Seven.

[Implementation plan of the future]

And video background playback

Playlist creation function

Over over over Seven. Seven.

★ Android WEAR corresponding ★ Android TV support

Over over over Seven. Seven.

[Official information]

twitter: https: //

HP: http: //

※ illegal activity is available with confidence because you can not, such as the download of the content.