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Hide & Seek for Android We

Hide & Seek for Android We

AvE Studio

Reviews: 3 | Score: 3 | Price: Free

Welcome to this new game experience. Did you enjoy playing hide and seek with your friends when you were young? Then download this app and watch how child and technology experience an completely new game together. Hide one of these two (hiding)buddies and let your child or friend look for them in a fun and interactive way. The buddy will make a vibration (that makes a sound). Teach children (and grandfathers and grandmothers) play and rediscover hide-and-seek in a new way! Play hide and seek with your Android Wear as never before.

Unique features are:

Gaming fun for young and old

Playable from 2 years and up

2 difficulty levels

Completely in the English language

Big and colorful buttons making interaction very simple

"Hide and seek for android wear" play it with your friends.