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Gecko in Phone scary joke

Gecko in Phone scary joke


Reviews: 2284 | Score: 4 | Price: Free

Application "Gecko in Phone scary joke" will display very realistic animation of gecko on the screen of your phone. Slithery reptile will be crawling along the phone display. An animation of a lizard was created on the basis of the video of a real gecko. Thanks to it, an animal moves and looks very natural. Anyone can think that a real lizard is walking on his phone. An animation of gekkonidae will always be displayed on the top. No matter what you are doing: if you are playing games, browsing photos or watching films, virtual animal will always be visible. No program will cover it. This application has very useful settings which will help you to prank your friends in a very easy way. You can set the time after which reptile appears on the screen and set a transparent notification icon, so your victim will not see that time count down is started in the background.

Novelty! You can also start the gecko remotely at once. This application supports watches with Android Wear. It's enough to press a button in your watch and an animal will appear on the screen of your phone.

Most important features of this entertainment application:

- realistic appearance and behavior of the gecko

- animation of a lizard is displayed over other applications

- possibility of starting a reptile with time delay and with the use of smartwatch.