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Flashlight LED Genius

Flashlight LED Genius

ID Mobile SA

Reviews: 57355 | Score: 4 | Price: Free

UNIQUE! No need to unlock the screen to get your Torch App,

Just shake your phone from the unlock screen to activate the LED flash light.

This Torch App is incredibly simple, useful and practical.


- Android Wear app is available !

- A bright compass is available on your watch to guide you !

- Settings: a check will be done periodically to see if the background service responsible for shake detection was destroyed by the system, in which case it will be restarted. 

The feature "shake to light":

- This mode is active only when the unlock screen is visible, does not consume the battery.

- Works only with LED torch mode and not with display lighting mode

- Works with the original unlock screen of your phone, may not be compatible with alternative "home" screens


- Lighting via LED flash

- Lighting with the screen as lighting source (compatible with all phones without LED)

- Ability to configure the color of display lighting

- Widget to automatically activate the torch (LED flash or screen)

- Ability to turn on the LED light flash from the unlock screen by shaking the phone

- We developed a repair system to make the flashlight work on different phones !

- Android shows you when the shake detection is active.