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Entity Sensor Pro-EMF Detector

Entity Sensor Pro-EMF Detector

Krugism Development LLC

Reviews: 963 | Score: 4 | Price: €5.00

The original Android EMF/EVP detector/recorder. Highest customer feedback and reviews. Don't settle for less on your next ghost adventure.

Your phone has an EMF sensor in it! Use it on your own ghost adventure!

We use your phone's magnetic sensor (electronic compass) to read the local magnetic field and record the results!

This works just like special purpose EMF Detectors that cost up to several hundred dollars, and are used on the paranormal TV shows to find ghosts, except with this app, you can save the results.

Displays and records EMF and EVP data of your surroundings.

Records audio for EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) analysis.

Records and saves the EMF readings to a data file that can be displayed in a graph on your phone or computer.

Can also be used to measure and record strong magnetic fields around your home or office.

See web site for more information on data file formats.

**The base app now also includes the Android Wear watch app. Read EMF settings directly on your watch! Keeps running even with the screen off, and buzzes when increased EMF activity is sensed. **


Optional Enhancement Modules:

- Recording Trigger option. (Android 2.1 and above) Allows setting On / Off trigger values to start and stop recording EMF and EVP.

- Media Enhancement option. (Android 2.2 and above) Adds camera, flashlight, high quality EVP recording (MP4), and immediate EVP playback buttons to the main screen to allow taking pictures, turning on the LED Flashlight without leaving the app, and playback of last EVP while still recording. (Flashlight might not work on all devices)

- Google Drive Integration. Automatically uploads your EMF, EVP Audio and picture files to your Google Drive account. Uploads the EMF (.csv) files as spreadsheets so you can easily graph the results right in the Google spreadsheets program.

- Vibration Detect option. Shows a motion detector icon witch senses slight motion or vibration in your phone. This allows additional methods to interact with entities. The Motion sound can be toggled on/off by pressing the motion icon on the screen.


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