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Luke Korth

Reviews: 1408 | Score: 4 | Price: Free

Dislock (formerly Pebble Locker) makes use of the device administrator API to control your lock screen. Enjoy using your Android without a lock screen when your Pebble watch, Android Wear, selected Bluetooth devices or WiFi networks are connected and the security of a lock screen when you walk away, causing your devices or networks to disconnect.

Using one trusted device at a time is free. More than one trusted device requires an in app purchase of $2.99 USD

Once the app has been enabled as a device administrator, you can set a pin or password and have your device lock based on your preferences.

Dislock does not support any lock other than pin or password

Device Support


Dislock supports bluetooth devices that maintain a constant connection to your phone and show up in your list of paired devices as well as Android Wears. It does not currently support bluetooth low energy devices such as Fitbits.

Dislock will not circumvent apps such as corporate email that require your device to have a pin, if you use an app that requires a pin or password on your device, Dislock will not work for you. Dislock will also not remove the pin or password on encrypted devices.

Dislock does not support pattern locks.



To uninstall you must deactivate Dislock as a device administrator and reboot



Help, I'm locked out, what do I do?

In the event that you become locked out you can visit the Android Device Manager ( and change the pin or password on your device and unlock it using your new pin or password.

Additional Info


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The source code is available on GitHub (