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Dashboard Cast

Dashboard Cast


Reviews: 1741 | Score: 3 | Price: Free

Dashboard Cast is a personalized homescreen for Chromecast. Create and organise widgets to your liking and display them on your TV. This app requires a Chromecast or a Cast enabled device to work.

---- This app is developed on my free time, I do what I can to make this app work and bring new features. To help support the development of Dashboard Cast, you can make a donation from the app ----

You can now create alarms to automatically trigger casting of your dashboard to your TV.

Widgets available :

- Clock and date

- Weather: get current and future weather forecasts

- RSS: view RSS or ATOM feeds on your TV

- Calendar: read your phone's calendar and display it on your TV

- Stock: select from a list of stock quotes

- Audio : play audio streams or podcasts (beta). Select a podcast from the app, or enter a url to an audio file or stream or playlist and listen to it on your chromecast. Supported audio file and playlist formats : mpeg (mp3, mp4, etc), .ogg, .pls, .xpsf, .m3u.

- Map: Weather layer or traffic map with directions information

Features available :

- Choose your own backgrounds to display behind your widgets (beta)

- Customize the look of your widgets

More widgets and more personalization options coming in future versions.

Upcoming widgets and features :

- Note widget

- Picture slideshow widget

- Facebook and other social media integration

- Email widget

- Integration with other audio services (Google Music and others)

- Device notifications widget

- Better widget position, options and size control

- Additional interaction with widgets on Chromecast from your device

Want to suggest features to add to Dashboard Cast? Select the contact option in the app or send an email to

Some Dashboard Cast widgets are still considered experimental. If there are any problems or issues, use the in-app contact button or send an email to

If you wish to help translate the app, send an email to with the language you wish to translate into.

Permissions :

- Read phone state : Needed to display advertisement.

- Approximate location : the weather widget has an option to use your current location to get weather data. The permission is needed to access the city you are in to display proper weather data.

- Read calendar events : the calendar widget needs this permission to send your upcoming events to Chromecast. If you do not have a calendar widget set up, the application does not look at your calendar data.

- Google Play billing service : necessary to make in-app donations to remove ads.

- Prevent phone from sleeping : if the phone sleeps while connected to the Chromecast, the connection is interrupted. Therefore the application needs to prevent the CPU from going to sleep in order to keep the connection open.

- Receive device boot completed : needed to schedule alarms when the device is powered on.

- Access and change wifi state : allows Dashboard Cast to automatically turn on wifi without going into the device settings.