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Craze - personalized event app

Craze - personalized event app


Reviews: 148 | Score: 4 | Price: Free

Filter out the noise – your taste, your party! Craze is your personalized event discovery app that brings you closer to the events you truly care about.

Why Craze?

• Discover events which match your interests

• Be the first one to know what your favorite venues, event organizers and closest friends are up to

• Score a ticket to the hottest events in town via our on-demand ticket system

Craze cuts the fluff and drops the nonsense. We enable you to create your own event agenda and show you only what’s relevant for you. Browse through our 19 event categories and see what makes you tick – parties, concerts, classes, tech meetups or perhaps something else?

Need a ticket? When you see an awesome event you want to visit don’t go around on an exhausting ticket quest. Request a ticket via Craze and we’ll go find it for you! Let us do the work – the only thing left for you is to have fun!


We’d love to hear your feedback! Feel free to send us your ideas for improving Craze by dropping us a line at

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*PLEASE NOTE: Facebook login is required to be able to use the app. This helps you discover more relevant events and guarantees a better user experience.