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Camera Trigger (Motion Detect)

Camera Trigger (Motion Detect)

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Camera Trigger is a simple motion detection application. Device camera shutter (video recording) will be triggered by objects movement on the selected screen area where user can change the area position and size of it.

Android Wear Support.

Start and stop remote trigger session.

View remote camera view.

For more info:


On Demand Multiple Remote Camera View (2.6.4)

User manual recording folder settings.

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NEW (App version 2.4.x and above)

Sound level trigger option.

Google Drive upload option.

New UI (User Interface) for easy navigation and usage.

Detection status live view on the screen.

Updated Camera Hide Service: Hide camera view while the trigger session is in progress.

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Additional functions includes:

* Video and Photo record modes.

* Time Lapse mode.

* Email notification function.

* Dropbox auto upload function.

* When the motion is detected, the notification email (with preview image) will be automatically sent to the user email.

* Device screen orientation supports: Portrait, Landscape, and Upside Down

Application may be useful for the certain purposes.

1. Self portrait photo taking.

2. Use as self-timer function.

3. Monitoring some place continuously.

4. Creating fun animated photo albums.

5. And etc.

1. Camera Settings:

Video and Photo mode

Auto focus

Output image size

Note: Camera setting would not be applied when Screen Capture option is selected. When continuous detection option is selected, recommend to disable auto focus and select small image size options for fast processing.

2. Photo Source Option:

Camera photo option

Screen Capture option

3. Trigger Timer:

Motion detector trigger timer function is as same as the common camera self-timer.

After delay time finishes, the motion detection will be started. And waiting for the motion movement, and the application would not take any photos until it gets detection.

4. Detection Sensitivity:

User could decide a motion detection sensitivity among the High, Medium, or Low options.

The sensitivity of the detection is varied by surrounding light conditions. So, recommend to test and choose the best option for the given areas. To test, try to change detection area positions and the size of the detector to get the best results.

5. Detection Area Setting:

Detection area position and the its size could be easily changed by the drag and move. The size of the area could be changed when touch and drag the red colored right bottom arrow mark.

6. Start Detection:

Single detection: when this option is selected, the detector will take a single motion movement detection. After detection, it saves photo on the storage and finishes the processing.

Continuous non-stop detection option will be last until user intervene to stop the processing. This option might be the best choice when monitoring some places or objects for the time being.

The motion detected photos are saved on the SD Card. The single detection option\'s photos are saved under the date formated folders bellow the application folder. And the continuously taken photos are saved under the application RECORD folder.

7. Slide Show Player: (Video Player)

Slide show player is included in the application. With player, the continuously taken photos could be played as animated time-lapsed format.

Only the RECORD folders are available for the player.

8. File Explorer