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Reviews: 331 | Score: 4 | Price: Free

Calculator is a simple calculator application, with advanced functions, history, real time graphing and base conversion.

Swipe to the right the green stripe on the right side to achieve the advanced functions, swipe down from the top to see history. Swipe to clear history.


-calculate the nth root of a number (x) ---> x^(1/n)

/e.g.: the 5th root of 243 ---> 243^(1/5) = 3/

-base n logarithm calculation of a number (x) ---> log(x)/log(n)

/e.g.: base 3 logarithm of 6 ---> log(6)/log(3) = 1,6309.../

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The source code was forked from the AOSP platform package.