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Bubble Cloud Launcher Themes 3

Bubble Cloud Launcher Themes 3

DYNA Logix

Reviews: 4 | Score: 5 | Price: €1.00

This is a fun watch face theme pack. Colorful wear for kids and around kids.


Introductory low price for first 100 buyers!


This theme pack works with

Bubble Cloud Launcher

for Android Wear (version 6.62 or higher). Please update main app to most recent version:

Themes work with the free version of the launcher, you don't need Premium upgrade for the Themes to work.



► 3 cartoon clock faces which can be opened full screen!

► 4 fonts (37kbyte, Flubber, Sunshiney and the new Advent) for digital clock display

► 14 colorful background textures

(7 favorites, 7 archive)

► 7 matching theme bubbles

(compatible with main app v6.80+)

► Both for round and square watch shapes

► (icon packs shown in screenshots are not included!)



1) Four handed alien analog clock face with moving hands, fingers point the time. Dial with numbers.

2) Beep the robot analog watch face with moving arms. Including dial numbers and tick markers.

3) Happy Cow analog watchface with rotating hands. Dial shows the hours.

4) Flubber digital watchface with rainbow color background

5) Kbyte37 digital watchface with red grid background

6) Sunshiney cursive digital watch face with colorful fractal backdroup


7) Beautiful thin-font theme added: "Advent"


Please refer to the screenshots.


1-click apply any of the 7 quick styles, or mix-and-match components for unlimited variations.



Before purchasing this Theme pack:

1. Install

Bubble Cloud Launcher

on your Android Wear watch

2. Confirm that it works correctly.



► Compatible with all

Android Wear


► NOT compatible with other smartwatches, which are not specifically running "Android Wear"

► NOT compatible with "Android" watches (only "Android Wear")

► NOT compatible with Samsung watches (except the "Gear Live")

► NOT compatible with Samsung "Android" watches

► NOT compatible with Sony SmartWatch 2 (only "SW3")


(these are tested compatible)

► Huawei Watch

► Moto 360 (Gen 1 + 2 + Sport)

► LG G Watch, G Watch R, Watch Urbane 1 + 2

► ASUS ZenWatch 1 + 2 + 3

► Sony SmartWatch 3

► Fossil Q Founder

► Casio Smart Outdoor

► TAG Heuer Connected

► or newer watches (NOT Samsung Tizen/Gear!)



Android Wear is not Android. There are watches which run the Android operating system, but they don't run Android Wear. My app is intended to be used with Android Wear watches.