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Bright for Philips Hue

Bright for Philips Hue

Joel Anderson

Reviews: 30 | Score: 3 | Price: €1.00

Bright is the most beautiful, functional, and versatile app for controlling your Philips Hue lights.


• Complete control over your Philips Hue lights

• Android Wear support - control the color and brightness of your lights directly from your wrist

• Groups - control the color and brightness of many lights at once

• Alarms - set your lights to turn on or off, or to a specific color, at any time of the day

• Dark Mode - saves battery on your AMOLED device, and makes the app much easier on the eyes for night use

• Frequent updates

• No in-app purchases, ever


Use of this app requires a Philips Hue bridge (1st or 2nd generation) and at least one Philips Hue compatible bulb.

To add a group to the Android Wear application, create a group while your watch is connected.

Due to limitations in the Philips Hue API, you must be connected to your home Wi-Fi network when using this app. This can be bypassed in the app by setting up port forwarding with your router and editing your bridge's IP Address.